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Dossett Dental is a family-run business, which is why we understand that juggling family life can be difficult, especially when you are trying to get the entire family in one place at once! Therefore, to cater for work, school, and social commitments, we will move our schedules around to make sure your entire family can be seen together.

We offer back-to-back appointments so your whole family can be seen by our dentists at one time, even scheduling these appointments on Saturdays for added convenience.

The Benefits of Booking Appointments with a Family Dentist

  • Convenient appointments that won’t mess with any of your schedules.
  • Familiar faces for your children as they grow up, reducing any anxiety they may have about visiting the dentist.
  • Regular checkups that make sure your family are receiving the best possible care for their teeth.
  • A family feel that makes going to the dentist a relaxing, comfortable experience.
  • Treatment options that are catered to all needs, regardless of age.

Promoting Healthy Habits for All the Family

It is never too early (or late!) to learn good habits when it comes to your oral hygiene. Therefore, all of our dentists will promote correct dental hygiene, teaching you and your family how to take care of your teeth properly. From brushing and flossing techniques, to regular professional tooth cleaning services, our family dentists in Coppell will promote the importance of looking after your teeth well.

Furthermore, with regular appointments, we will also help you keep on top of any potential issues that may arise, including cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

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