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How Can a Denture Restore Your Smile?

One of your best assets is your smile, and we understand just how distressing it can be when this is affected by tooth loss. Diseases, trauma, damage, decay…tooth loss occurs for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, we offer a cost-effective solution – dentures.

Dentures are available in full or partial sets and can be removed as and when you desire. These denture sets are custom-made to ensure you achieve the best fit and your dentures feel natural and comfortable at all times.

What to Expect from the Denture Procedure

If you have suffered significant tooth loss, or you know that your teeth are going to be removed in the not too distant future, a full denture may be recommended. This will involve removing any remaining teeth to allow for your new denture to be fitted.

Both partial and full denture sets are created by taking a mold of your mouth. The denture is then customized to your individual requirements so a secure, comfortable fit is achieved. Once fitted, we’ll provide you with regular follow-up appointments and aftercare to make sure the best results have been achieved.

Enjoy All the Benefits of Dentures in Coppell, Texas

Full or partial dentures provide you with a natural, high-quality solution to tooth loss. And, once fitted correctly, they can feel as natural as your own teeth, giving you the confidence to speak, eat, and smile like you normally would. They also help protect your gums and jaw where your natural teeth are absent.

Furthermore, if you already have dentures, and you are not happy with the fit, we can create a new set of dentures, even if the original set wasn’t provided by us. We are devoted to helping improve your confidence and comfort.

High-Quality Dentures Can Transform Your Smile and Your Life

At our state-of-the-art dental practice in Coppell, Texas, you can enjoy the freedom our dentures provide you with. Your journey to a dazzling smile starts here.




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