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Dental Implants Coppell TX

Dental Implants in Coppell, Texas

Whether you have lost one tooth or several, the effect it can have on your confidence can be overwhelming. However, an increasingly popular solution for tooth loss is dental implants, because they can restore your smile naturally and beautifully.

There could be a number of reasons why you lost your tooth, including a sports injury, extraction, or gum disease, but replacing this tooth is important. Even if you don’t feel self-conscious about the gap that was left behind, leaving the space in your teeth can lead to:

  • A lack of protection for the surrounding teeth
  • Bone deterioration
  • Your natural smile losing its shape

Therefore, a dental implant will help restore the natural appearance and structure of your teeth. And with the right care and oral hygiene, it offers a long-lasting solution.

Say Goodbye to Missing Teeth

A missing tooth is not only a blow to your confidence; it can affect your bone health. Having an area in your mouth that is not supporting a tooth can cause your jawbone to deteriorate over time, which can make your face appear sunken. To remedy your problem and put an end to possible future damage, consider opting for a dental implant.

Your implant consists of two parts: a titanium rod that is inserted into your jawbone and a crown-like artificial tooth that is fitted on top of the rod and fused in place.

What Does a Dental Implant Procedure Involve?

The first step in replacing your tooth is to insert a tiny titanium screw into your jawbone. Over the next few months, your jaw and the screw will bond together to create a solid foundation for your dental implant. Once this has been stabilized, your new tooth will be attached to the screw.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Our dental implant procedures can provide you with a number of amazing advantages, including:

  • Restoring your natural smile and your confidence.
  • Preventing any long-term damage to the structure of your teeth.
  • A durable solution that can be more convenient and comfortable than dentures.
  • A lasting solution that can be preserved with excellent hygiene and care.

Dental Bridges in Coppell, Texas

Dental Implants Coppell Texas

Another great option for missing teeth is a dental bridge, as this can help improve the aesthetic appearance, health, and comfort of your smile. A bridge is made by bonding a new tooth onto your existing teeth using two crowns. This creates a strong, durable solution that allows you to use your teeth as you normally would, while also smiling with renewed confidence.

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