Mobile Denture Repair

Mobile Denture Repair Coppell TX

Mobile Denture Repair in Coppell, Texas

Denture Repair in Your Own Home!

Just like your natural teeth, dentures can succumb to wear and tear over time. However, we understand that getting to appointments can be difficult, which is why we offer an unbeatable mobile denture repair service.

Our mobile denture repair services are available during business hours from Monday to Friday at a location that’s convenient for you. Some of the most common places we visit include assisted living facilities, hospitals, retirement homes, and patients’ homes. However, we’ll even come and visit you at work if that’s the best option for you! Wherever and whenever you need us – we’ll be there.

A Convenient Service You Can Rely On

When you’ve booked an appointment we’ll send a dental assistant to the address. Sometimes, the dental assistant will be accompanied by a doctor if needed. Once there, our team will examine your dentures to see what’s required. For example, if the denture is damaged, we will bring it back to our dentist office in Coppell to repair it before bringing it back to you.

Alternatively, if a new denture is required, we will take an impression of your teeth before returning to the practice. Then, once your custom-made denture is ready, a doctor will return it to you and fit it correctly, making sure the most comfortable fit has been achieved.

We can schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. We operate this service in and around Coppell on a daily basis (Monday through Friday), allowing you to get your dentures fixed in no time!

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